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What food can't gallstone patient eat? Taboo of daily diet for gallstones

The incidence of gallstones is higher and higher. Many people suffer from this disease, but they don't know how to prevent it. In fact, in daily life, gallstones must pay great attention to many dietary taboos, so what can gallstones patients not eat? What should gallstones patients pay attention to in their diet?

What can't gallstones eat

Gallstones should eat more ginger and less sugar; ginger can promote cholesterol metabolism, gallstone patients can often eat. For obese patients, it is necessary to limit the intake of sugars and foods with high sugar content, so as to reduce the synthesis of fat.

Gallstones can not or as little as possible to eat hormone food and drugs, especially in women with gallstones. The incidence of calculi is relatively high in female menopause. Due to the high level of estrogen will reduce the contraction function of the gallbladder, which is not conducive to the excretion of bile, so eat less hormone food and drugs, and do not blindly use estrogen products.

The foods that gallstones can't eat are mainly foods with high cholesterol, such as animal heart, liver, brain, intestine, egg yolk, pine egg, fish roe and chocolate, etc. Patients with gallstones can not eat high-fat food, such as fat, lard, fried food, and cakes with more oil should not be eaten more, because too much fat causes gallbladder contraction, leading to pain.

Gallstone patients should not overeat, because overeating will promote the secretion of bile, and the strong contraction of the gallbladder will cause inflammation of the gallbladder, local colic and so on. Spicy and irritant condiments, such as pepper, pepper and other gallstone patients can not eat. Tobacco, wine, coffee also need to be taboo, because these irritant food will make the stomach acid too much, the gallbladder violently collected and lead to the spasm of the sphincter of the mouth of the bile duct, the difficulty of bile excretion, and easy to induce bile colic.

Note that the formation of gallstones is related to the high cholesterol content in the body, so the internal organs, roes, eggs and fat of animals should be strictly controlled and restricted. Other gallstone patients can not eat or try to eat less food, there are gallstone patients diet taboo bacon, eating bacon too much easy to form gallstones.

Gallstone patients should take

Cholelithiasis patients should eat low-fat, low cholesterol food, such as: mushroom, agaric, celery, sprouts, kelp, lotus root, fish, rabbit meat, chicken, fresh beans, etc.; mainly vegetable oil, because vegetable oil has a certain cholagogic effect. In addition to eating habits, we should develop good living habits and drink water frequently. A glass of water for getting up early, a glass of water before going to bed and a glass of water every two hours are conducive to the dilution of bile and the promotion of stone drainage.

Other foods and dietary methods that are good for gallstones are: Patients with gallstones should eat more foods that can promote bile secretion and relax the muscles behind the bile duct, such as Shancha, Wumei and corn whisker (drink tea slowly). It is better to take some olive oil for gallstones, especially for patients with small stones. After taking it for a period of time, it is found that the stones have disappeared.

The food should be mainly steamed and boiled, and excessive fried, raw and cold food should be avoided. Gallstone patients should eat light diet at ordinary times, and should eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. To less slag, easy to digest diet, to avoid eating can cause abdominal flatulence of food and strong condiments, to prevent the gallbladder from contracting violently and causing acute attack.