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28 year old boyfriend and mother sleep shocked three view science popularization post what is Ma Bao

In real life, I believe that many people will meet some Ma Baonan in the process of dating or talking about friends, perhaps in the family's doting relationship. These Ma Baonan often show some behaviors that are not in line with their age. They rely too much on their mother. They will ask their mother's opinions about anything. Will you marry these Ma Baonan?

netizens post on an app:

Women from other places open stores in Yiwu; men from Yiwu work in enterprises. At that time, the man was 28 years old. He was a single parent family. Only his mother and brother were married. At the beginning of the conversation, the woman met the man's brother. It was very good to see him face to face, but later I heard that the man said that his brother was different and unexpected. However, the two have a good relationship, so they are still together.

Later, every time they dated, at 9:00 p.m. his mother called. He spoke in a low voice, which meant that he would come back to accompany her. If he didn't come back, he would continue to call. The woman must think that her mother still needs to accompany her, so she let the man go back quickly, and then basically every time she comes out, it's like this! The woman is curious about why her mother is so in charge of her son, and it's not normal for her to come out late to play?

After a few months like this, one day, the man went back to his home early. The woman wanted to video with her boyfriend. As a result, she saw a girl sleeping in another quilt and lying on his boyfriend's bed. She asked him what was the matter. He said it was his mother who thought the weather was too cold for electricity (PS: there are two rooms in the man's house). The woman is speechless, but after all, it's his mother. It's speechless, and the man promises not to sleep in another bed. In this way, the woman has been used to the fact that the man's mother called to urge him to go home as soon as 9:10 o'clock. It's true that she also slept in separate rooms.

The man loves playing mahjong very much. As long as there is a game, he will not let it go. Every second counts. Once playing mahjong and forgetting the time, his mother called to urge him to go home, and was prevaricated by him for various reasons until 12:30. When I got back home, I voiced to the woman, but his mother was crying and making a lot of noise there. I threw his cell phone away, and thought he didn't accompany her to eat and talk! The next day my son didn't dare to come out, so he went home to accompany his mother after work for three days, and his girlfriend could not do anything.

The woman thinks it's not interesting to fall in love like this. It's not much worse than a person. If you want to get married, you can meet each other or break up. And the man's attitude is very vague, very afraid of the family disagree, want to find a better kind of family conditions. The woman thinks that the man can't say anything bad except that he is a little stingy and Ma Bao, so she will do with it.

After talking about it for more than two years, just a few days ago, the woman went back home for half a month. The man didn't call the woman at all. The man said it was to save money, only wechat contact. On the first day after the woman came back, the man said he would go to play mahjong and asked his girlfriend to accompany him. The woman didn't like it. After I left so many days, you would play mahjong. Is this a person? Because it's a fight, and the result is that you didn't get together. The next day, I went to a friend's place for dinner and called Niu Gong. My boyfriend refused to come down on the table. His mother called several times to ask him to go back. As a result, it was almost 12 o'clock before he got home. His mother cried and made trouble, saying that he would not accompany her to eat and was malnourished. He cried all night. Today, the man went back home as a good son!

There are many times when I don't want to talk about it. I would like to ask you, what kind of family is this? Mother must accompany her son to eat and sleep to be at ease?

PS: the man is 30 years old this year. He also thinks my girlfriend doesn't need company!

Brother and mother are important, playing mahjong is more important!

Shouldn't a man with a girlfriend accompany his girlfriend?

Netizens' comments

Yiwu sandutou: I'm afraid it's not Ma Bao's problem. The relationship between mother and son is very deformed. Both mother and son have psychological problems

Zhang Xixi: the landlord should find out if their mother and son are shameful. Otherwise, how can they sleep in the same bed, cry and make noise? Can they be interpreted as coquetry

Xia shangd: such a family, you'd better withdraw, it won't be happy

Alishan's younger sister: this kind of mother child relationship exists. I have seen it on the Internet. Normal people can't accept it! Let's break up. There are more single men in Yiwu! Are the societies with more young women and men afraid that they can't find a boyfriend?

Finally: what else do you want to do with your girlfriend? It's good to have a good time with his mother. It's not good to gamble. It also proves that he doesn't care about you.

Girl, why don't you run fast? Are you short of heart?

I don't think the man's family has a problem. I don't recommend the girl to marry in!

What is Ma Baonan?

Ma Baonan, referring to the age or the mother's good baby, is to listen to her mother's everything, everything to the mother is right, everything to the mother as the center. Generally, they are lack of opinions and confidence. Their life line is basically designed by their mother. As long as they don't ask for help, they usually don't have to suffer too much, so they can live a good life. In life, Ma Baonan is like a marionette in the hands of his parents. When he and his girlfriend come to talk about marriage, the problem comes. 'when shall we get married?' 'I have to ask my mother. "Shall we live alone in the future?" my mother said it would be better to live together. "What do you like about me?" my mother said that your character is warm and sensible "& hellip; & hellip; 'my mother', like encyclopedia, can help" Ma Baonan "answer all the questions.