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What is the starting point of personal tax in 2018? Latest information on the starting point of pers

On March 5, Premier Li Keqiang said in the government work report that China will reasonably adjust the social minimum wage in 2018 and raise the threshold of individual income tax. So what do you think is the appropriate starting point for personal income tax? Follow the editor to learn the latest news.

Premier Li Keqiang said that we should raise the threshold of personal income tax, increase the deduction of special expenses such as children's education and serious illness medical treatment, reduce the burden reasonably, and encourage the people to increase their income and move towards prosperity through labor.

What are the problems of the starting point of individual income tax in China?

Dong Mingzhu, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Gree Electric, said in an interview with reporters from the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Wednesday that the two sessions focused on the development of manufacturing industry, raising the threshold of personal tax, education and the government's support for "China innovation".

She suggested raising the threshold of individual income tax to 10000 yuan.

At the same time, Dong hopes that in the process of promoting 'China innovation', the government should support the order of rights protection, professional and talent flow.

Dong Mingzhu said that the key to the development of "made in China" is to master core technologies, such as basic material research and technology mastery.

Regarding Gree's development in new energy vehicles, Dong Mingzhu said: 'new energy is definitely good. New energy vehicles are only one of the new energy sources. In the future, we may pay more attention to the recycling of used batteries. '

As for whether he will put forward suggestions on the recycling of used batteries, Dong Mingzhu said: 'we are calling for action and appeal at the same time. '

"New energy is a green water and green mountain problem. I think air conditioning is the same. We need to realize green environmental protection through technology. 'said Dong Mingzhu.

She also said that no matter in manufacturing or service industry, we should have the spirit of craftsmanship and be honest. If we don't have honesty, everything will go to zero.

Asked about his bet with Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi technology, Dong Mingzhu asked with a smile: 'isn't there another year in 2018?'