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How to keep in good health? It's the most reliable way to keep healthy

Today is the "Jingzhe" in the 24 solar terms. Do you know what it means? It means that everything starts to recover and spring returns to the earth. It is said in the collection of seventy-two moon orders: "on the February Festival, everything is shocked and thundered, so it's called Jingzhe. It's the stung insects that run away. 'so how to keep healthy during the season of Jingzhe? What's the best way to eat? Today's will take you to learn some health knowledge about Jingzhe.

What does Jingzhe mean?

Jingzhe, one of the 24 solar terms, is of great significance in busy farming. On March 5 or 6 of each year, when the sun reaches 345 Degrees of the Yellow longitude, it is called "Jingzhe". The meaning of "Jingzhe" is that when the weather gets warmer, the spring thunder starts to sound, and the insects hibernating underground are awakened. The meaning of "zhe" is Tibetan. It is said in the interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the moon: "on the February Festival, everything is shocked and thundered, so it's called" Jingzhe ". It's the stung insects that run away. '

How to keep healthy?

Dressing & middot; mainly covering

Although the weather turns warm during the hibernation, the temperature changes greatly, especially the temperature difference between night and noon. The public should pay attention to keeping warm when wearing. Some young people, especially girls, often wear colorful dresses in early spring, which is not good for their health. For example, if the temperature is too low, especially when wearing skirts in rainy days, the exposed limbs will suffer from coldness and numbness, poor movement, pain and other discomfort due to the invasion of wind and cold, especially the knee joint with less fat under the skin, lack of protection, more sensitive to the invasion of cold air, more prone to local numbness, pain and other diseases after suffering from cold, which will cause arthritis for a long time. Therefore, at this time, we should pay attention to keeping warm and mainly covering.

Diet & middot; eat more light

After hibernation, the weather will be significantly warmer. Light food will help metabolism. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more asparagus, celery and other crude fiber vegetables with good effect on gastrointestinal peristalsis.

In spring, when the liver Qi is strong, it is easy to hurt the spleen, so we should eat less acid and more sweets to nourish the spleen. The temperature is still low, so we should also eat more Shengjin Runfei food. Pear is cold and sweet. It has the effect of moistening lung, relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat. There is also a folk saying that jellyfish eat pears. Pears can be eaten raw, steamed or juiced. The best way to eat pears in spring is to boil them with ice sugar, which can not only avoid the cold food, but also benefit the stomach.

Living & middot; early to bed and early to rise

In the near future, some people may often feel sleepy, powerless and drowsy, and wake up later in the morning. This is what people often call "spring sleepiness". This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Only by ensuring good sleep can we have a vigorous work life.

We should go to bed early and get up early, stretch our limbs frequently, walk slowly, stretch our limbs in the spring light, breathe fresh air, stretch our Yang Qi, so as to conform to the natural law of spring Yang, make our spirit happy, keep calm and calm at any time, not rash, protect the liver, at the same time, strengthen our physique, improve our disease resistance and keep our health.

Exercise & middot; relaxation and fitness

Proper activities in the morning can stimulate the rise of Yang in the body, but you should warm up before exercise. Sweat is a consumption of the body's Yang when exercising, so it's OK to achieve micro sweat when exercising. High intensity vigorous exercise has adverse effects on the body's Yang cultivation and growth. So spring sports, not too intense, need to step by step, can use stretching, walking and other sports to slow fitness.

Stretching and stretching can relieve fatigue, wake up the spirit, increase strength and activate limbs. Therefore, it is recommended to get up early and stretch more in spring.

Walking can eliminate fatigue and contribute to health. When walking, it can cooperate with the actions of rubbing hands, rubbing chest and abdomen, beating waist and back, beating the whole body, etc., which is beneficial for the body to dredge Qi and blood and generate Yang Qi.