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How to unlock Apple's mobile phone after 47 years of password error?

We know that Apple's iPhone has a security mechanism, that is, the phone will require the user to input the password at a certain interval when inputting the wrong password continuously, which is to prevent someone from using the machine to continuously try the password to crack the phone. But if a child accidentally mistypes the wrong password, it will take so long to unlock it?

However, recently, Ms. Lu Jiading in Shanghai encountered a problem, because her 2-year-old son input the wrong password many times while playing with her mobile phone, and the mobile phone unexpectedly prompted "please try again after 25114984 minutes (about 47.78 years).".

How to deal with the mobile phone's deactivation when the wrong password is entered into the iPhone?

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Method / step

1. The recovery mode can erase and recover the device, which should solve this problem. If it has been synchronized with iTunes or icloud before, it can be recovered from backup after recovery.

2. Turn off the iPhone device (if you cannot turn off the device, press and hold the sleep / wake and home screen buttons at the same time, and then wait for a few seconds for the device to turn off);

3. Only plug the USB cable of the device into your computer. When connecting the USB cable to the device, press the 'home screen' button of the device. Release the home button when you see the connect iTunes screen.

4. ITunes should open and display the following message: 'iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must recover this iPhone before using it with iTunes. 'just restore the iPhone.

Matters needing attention

Backup Apple devices can choose to restore

Apple devices that have not been backed up can choose to swipe