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What do you eat to lose weight after the Spring Festival? 9 oil scraping food recommended to go back

As the saying goes, it's good to put on 3 kg of fat every holiday. It's necessary for many people to have another round of fat on their stomachs during the Spring Festival. It's an inevitable rhythm to eat, drink and get fat at home during the Spring Festival. So pay attention to diet after the Festival. Today, sihaiwang small weaving recommends several kinds of oil scraping food for you, which will definitely make you return to the small waist.

1. sweet potato

Sweet potato, commonly known as sweet potato, has the reputation of 'gastrointestinal scavenger'. Because sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber and glial substances, it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. For a long time, big fish and big meat are easy to cause bloating and indigestion. You can eat some sweet potatoes properly to improve the symptoms.

2. spinach

Spinach leaves contain a kind of insulin like substance, which can help maintain the stability of blood sugar. In addition, spinach is also considered as a kind of intelligent vegetable, which has the function of anti-aging and preventing brain aging.

3. Auricularia auricula

The plant gum in Auricularia auricula has a strong adsorption capacity, which is helpful to remove the remaining impurities in the digestive system, and can play a role in clearing the stomach and cleaning the intestines.

4. kelp

Alginate in kelp can form gelatinous substances in the intestine because of its high water content. It helps to discharge garbage and prevents constipation.

5. yam

Yam contains amylase, which can decompose protein and sugar, which is good for digestion and absorption of spleen and stomach. In addition, yam can also reduce the deposition of subcutaneous fat and avoid obesity, which is a rare oil scraping food.

6. lotus root

Lotus root has a diuretic effect, can promote the discharge of body waste, whether stewed or stir fried can reduce the greasy feeling.

7. honey

Honey has the functions of detoxification, moistening intestines and defecation, which can help the gastrointestinal tract to discharge garbage and toxins. If you feel that you have eaten too greasy recently, you may as well suffer a cup of honey water to help moisten the intestines and relieve constipation.

8. yogurt

Yoghurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria. It can help digestion. In addition, yogurt is rich in calcium and B vitamins which can burn fat, making people feel full and reduce excessive food intake.

9. apples

The soluble cellulose in apple can effectively increase the discharge capacity of food residue. The antioxidants in apple peel can also reduce the rate of intestinal aging