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What's the matter with female Wenqing showing her love, director Zhang Yang? Director's profile

yesterday, Claire, the second sister of Wenqing, published a long article "director Zhang Yang, I love you", which exploded her extramarital love with the famous director Zhang Yang (the work "gangren Boqi"). For a while, the public opinion fell into an uproar. So far, director Zhang Yang hasn't made any response, so the relationship between the two is also imaginative. The woman said that she and Zhang Yang are reincarnation of Sanmao and Hexi, which is a fatalistic love; she said that Zhang Yang has a wife and children, but told her that she is an unmarried person. Meet Zhang Yang is the disaster of their feelings, will not find any boyfriend.

In March 1st, because of the public issue, entitled "director Zhang Yang, I love you." 》Zhang Yang, director of the movie Gangrenboqi, has aroused heated discussion. At about 19 p.m. that day, Zhang Yang appeared at the "Yabuli China entrepreneur forum", where he was buying dumplings and chatting with friends. Witnesses said director Zhang Yang's condition was calm and did not seem to have been affected by the incident.

In the early morning of this morning, Zhang Yang was photographed in the airport in a low-key manner, looking tired. It's said that he was silent about the event of "literary and art youth", just like the reporter politely said "I'm sorry". During this period, wechat messages on mobile phones kept ringing. Yesterday, Sina entertainment also contacted him and his staff about the incident, and they did not respond to it.

In less than half a day, the publication reached more than one hundred thousand of the reading volume, causing netizens to discuss and Tucao in a crazy way. It is reported that the author, whose real name is Cui Rui, is 26 years old. Before that, he worked as a producer in a film and television company and also established a culture company. His writing has always been a persistent work. At present, he has resigned and is on vacation in Cambodia. This afternoon, Tencent Entertainment connected Cui Rui for the first time and made an exclusive interview with him. In the dialogue, Cui Rui described his original intention of writing a love letter and his current emotional situation with Zhang Yang.

As for being questioned and hyped, Cui Rui doesn't care. To be frank, you think hype is hype, you think it's not. 'and call yourself an open and brave person. The way of expressing emotion is naturally bold and direct. In the future, Cui Rui will continue to write two films honoring Zhang Yang. She also admits that the fermentation of this article can help her spread more valuable works in the future.

director Zhang Yang, born in Beijing, graduated from the director department of the Central Academy of drama. He is a male director, screenwriter and one of the sixth generation directors in mainland China.

In 1997, he won the first director award of the 18th China Golden Rooster film award and the best director of the 5th Beijing University Student Film Festival with his first film "hot and spicy love". In 1999, he won the silver shell Award for best director at the 47th International Film Festival of San Sebastian in Spain for directing the film bath.

In 2001, the director's film yesterday won the golden wing Award for best picture of the 4th Bangkok International Film Festival. In 2002, he starred in the movie subway to spring. In 2005, Zhang Yang won the best director award of San Sebastian International Film Festival again for his film sunflower. In 2007, the road film "back to the roots" directed and written won the best film award of independent film critic (panoramic unit) at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival. In 2010, for the first time, Zhang Yang tried commercial film "driverless".

On May 8, 2012, the "youth inspirational film" of the elderly directed by Zhang Yang was released. In 2014, he directed the public welfare micro film voice in the mountains. In 2017, he directed the film gangren Boqi.