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15 genes for beauty don't let children lose the starting line

Appearance has a lot to do with the genetic factors of parents, so if you don't have a good face value, you'd better find a gene, or the baby will be too ugly!

DNA determines a person's appearance and other characteristics. With the help of DNA technology, doctors can complete skull and face reconstruction operations; forensic medicine can draw the face outline of a criminal suspect.

A new study by scientists from Belgium and several universities in the United States has identified 15 genes that determine the appearance of human beings, according to the latest report of Science Daily. Of the 15 genes identified, 7 are related to the nose. The nose plays an important role in people's appearance. For forensic medicine, it is more significant because it is the main obstacle to reconstruct the face.. Dare to dry your nose in the comment area?

Your genes must be the best gift from heaven. Your eyes, your mouth, your smile, your fingers, your eyelashes, your heart beat are all fascinating to me

According to the latest report of Science Daily, 15 genes determine the beauty value, 7 of which are related to the nose! It can be seen that the nose plays an important role in people's beauty value and appearance. What type of nose do you have?