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In 2262, there were actually two spring festival, one year and two spring festival. What's the matte

The seven-day holiday of Spring Festival is just like this. Even setting the alarm to "earthquake mode" can't stop my sleeping heart these days. But according to the latest news, there will be two spring festival in 2262, doesn't it sound very cool? Many netizens are very surprised to have two holidays?

Good news for you: we will have two spring festival in 2262~

Introduction is the legendary "leap moon"

[popular science wave] leap first month is a rare leap month. From the 18th century to the 22nd century, there was no leap first month. Then in the 25th Century, there was no leap first month from the 28th to the 41st century. The last leap first month appeared in 1640 (the year of Gengchen) in the 17th century, and the next leap first month will appear in 2262 (the year of renyin) in the 23rd century. Is it spicy? Will there be two holidays? Will there be two spring festival galas? Will they last two years? Can they charge for two new year's Eve? I'm looking forward to saying & hellip; & hellip; &; &; &;

In 2262, I was 270 years old and retired for a long time. I don't need a holiday!

Friends, let's add wolfberry in our beer, add Codonopsis pilosula in Coca Cola, burn up the mask at night, fill up the night club to keep fit, and put the warm pants in the hole pants, together to keep good health. About 2262.

Alas, there's a kind of holiday called "seeing but not living". When it's hot, we're all "dregs and ashes". I'm afraid the grass on the grave has grown into a forest.

I really want to live another 244 years. My descendants, don't forget to tell naiweng at the festival.

Another time of the day:

--Me: people used to say that "no matter how poor you are, no matter how poor you are, no matter how rich you are, almost everyone in the street has an iPhone.".

--Colleague a: I really envy your children. Bi is better than cell phones. Our old men are all rooms, cars & hellip; hellip; during the Spring Festival;

--Colleague B: it's mainly because I have two kinds of & hellip; & hellip; and I can't always change them -- colleague C: I envy you guys who compare houses to cars. My friends are talking about watches, ships, airplanes & hellip; & hellip; good, OK, you can, 666, you can talk~