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How to deal with heavy moisture? Symptoms and treatment of heavy moisture

Influenced by the rhythm of life, modern people have a very irregular diet, and the health of all parts of the body has been on the red light. Long term diet greasy, lack of exercise people will have the problem of heavy moisture, so what is moisture? What are the main symptoms of heavy moisture in the body? How to treat heavy moisture?

First of all, people with heavy body moisture generally feel heavy and weak limbs all day long. Especially when they get up in the morning, they feel sore and can't lift their spirits. When they wash and brush their teeth, their tongue coating is white and thick, looks smooth and moist, and they always feel sick. When going to the toilet, the color of the stool is green, soft and shapeless, and there is always a feeling of unclean discharge. People with heavy moisture gain weight obviously, and the body is empty and fat, and the joints are stiff and uncomfortable, which will make you feel sore when you get up. Moisture not only affects your health, but also seriously reduces your quality of life.

So what should we do in the face of the increasingly serious moisture? First of all, in the aspect of diet, we must give up the habit of eating too much and eating too much, mainly light and moderate amount, balanced nutrition, and eat less raw and cold food, ice or cold fruits and vegetables. In daily life, we must pay more attention to exercise, the more do not like exercise, the more accumulation of moisture in the body, more exercise can not only relieve the pressure, but also help to accelerate the discharge of moisture from the body. If the moisture is more serious, you may as well take the method of diet therapy, barley porridge, Huaishan soup, are common methods to remove moisture. In addition, it is necessary to avoid being in a wet environment for a long time to prevent moisture intrusion.