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What kind of food should you avoid when eating sweet potatoes that seem to be versatile?

As a classic delicacy on the table, sweet potato has more and more ways to eat. Do you know what are the taboos of eating sweet potato? Can't you eat sweet potato together with what food? What are the best ways to eat sweet potato? Here's a brief introduction.

Although sweet potato is rich in nutrition, it is not recommended to eat more in daily life, because the oxidase contained in sweet potato will produce a large amount of carbon dioxide gas in the gastrointestinal tract, which will cause abdominal distension, burping, farting, and sometimes the illusion of heartburn. What kind of food can sweet potato not be matched with? First of all, sweet potato can't be eaten with persimmon, and the interval between them should be more than five hours. Second, sweet potato can't be eaten with eggs, river crabs and chicken. When drinking and within three hours after drinking, it's not suitable to eat sweet potato, especially for people with bad stomach. In addition, it's better not to drink tomatoes, bananas and other food together, If not eaten properly, it may cause chronic poisoning.

So sweet potato and what food material collocation is better? Often easy to constipate people can make porridge with sweet potato and lotus seed, can effectively alleviate the disease. Sweet potato and ribs, celery, brown rice are good choices. Can the corn of sweet potato be eaten together? Corn and sweet potato can be eaten together, but it must be small, otherwise it will easily aggravate the burden on the stomach and intestines. Sweet potato is a delicious food, but only with the right ingredients can it play its maximum nutritional value.