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What are the Winter Solstice Blessings? 2017 winter solstice wechat blessings collection

Winter solstice is an important solar term in Chinese traditional lunar calendar. On this day, many people send blessings to their relatives and friends by sending SMS and wechat. Let's take a look at the latest winter solstice message blessings in 2017. Let's get it together.

1. The winter solstice has a low temperature, cold weather and more clothes. Send a message to convey warmth and a little blessing. I hope you are healthy and not upset. Work smoothly and make more money. Love is sweet and everyone envies it. Family happiness and good luck are added. You are in a happy mood and smile.

2. Caring doesn't start today and blessing doesn't end today. I give you the most sincere heart, the most caring and the deepest blessing. Gently tell you that today is the winter solstice and don't forget to eat dumplings.

3. Today is the winter solstice. I'll give you a bowl of special dumplings: peace skin wrapped with Ruyi stuffing, cooked with love, eating a happy, eating a happy, eating three healthy, eating a bowl of rich, and drinking soup smoothly.

4. Take good care of yourself in the winter solstice. My friend's text message tells me that it's cold and easy to catch cold. There are many suits of clothes. Run more if you have nothing to do. Exercise well. May you be healthy and happy every day.

5. The winter word is homophonic and moving. It's winter solstice. I hope you can move your hands and feet without cold. I hope you can move your mind without bitterness. I hope you can move your body and keep healthy. I hope you can move your true feelings and love warmth. I wish you good luck and love again. The three moves are always smooth and happy.

6. If you are busy, don't reply to this message. I wish you well and know it. If you are today, please reply to me once in a while. Just smile after reading it. Happy winter solstice.

7. Winter solstice is for health preservation. You can have a healthy winter, drink porridge and soup, nourish your stomach, protect your liver and intestines, nourish your qi and blood with dates, add heat to meat and vegetables, nourish your milk, protect your heart with nuts. You should be optimistic, healthy and happy. I wish you happiness and good luck in winter solstice.

8. Xiaoxiao in winter, windy and angry; chilly and chilly, multi food therapy; three meals soup, stewed red dates; toning kidney qi, chestnut treasure; turnip soup, winning traditional Chinese medicine; hot ginger tea, dispelling cold; fresh fruits and vegetables, coarse grains; beef and mutton, high heat; winter solstice, wish you well.

9. After eating the winter solstice meal, it's a long day. Today, the winter solstice, the sun began to come back, and spring is getting closer. May my message and my blessing be like the winter solstice sunshine, driving away the cold and sending warmth for you. Happy winter solstice.

10. Text message to report that the winter solstice season is coming: keeping warm is very important, don't only pay attention to fancy; hot soup around the mouth, hot feet in the evening; run slowly and properly, keep away from cold; send you warm coat, happy coat; wish you a good winter.