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What are the ancient poems describing the winter solstice

Winter solstice is an important solar term in Chinese traditional lunar calendar. On this day, the northern hemisphere ushered in the shortest day and longest night in the whole year. The ancients also set the winter solstice as the beginning of the year. In many ancient poems, the winter solstice is the new year. Now I'll check the poems of the ancient poets about the winter solstice.

Winter solstice Poetry (1): Xiaozhi

(Tang) Du Fu

The time and the people are urging each other, and the winter solstice and the sun come again.

Embroider five lines to add weak thread, blow Jia six pipes to move the fly ash.

The shore is full of willows, and the mountain is full of cold and ready to release plum.

Clouds and things are not different from each other. They teach children and cover their palms with cups.

Winter solstice Poetry (2): Winter Solstice

(Tang) Du Fu

From year to year, he is a guest, and suddenly he kills people in poverty!

The river describes me as an old man, and the custom of heaven is to meet each other.

After the snow, the staff is facing the Danhe Valley, and the Mingyu comes to disperse Zichen.

When the heart breaks, there is no inch. Where can Lu Mi look at Sanqin?

Winter solstice Poetry (3): Handan winter solstice night

(Tang Dynasty) Bai Juyi

At the winter solstice in the Posthouse of Handan, the shadow in front of the knee lamp accompanies the body.

If you want to sit deep at home at night, you should say that you are far away.

Winter solstice Poetry (4): Xinyou winter solstice

(song) Lu You

Today, when we arrive in the south, our door is quiet.

Family poverty makes the holidays light, but old age makes the years timid.

After the sacrifice, they all help and worship, and fall asleep in separate plates.

But should explore the spring dream, has been around the mirror lake.

Winter solstice Poetry (5): feelings of winter solstice

(Song Dynasty) Mei Yaochen

I want to be kind and feel sad.

Since ancient times, Jiuquan has been dead, and the new sun has emerged.

With different plants and plants, he will envy Gou Meng.

When a man inherits his own life, one may fall and another may prosper.

Poems on the winter solstice

(song) Su Shi

At the bottom of the well, the sun is not back, and the rain is dry.

Who is more like a sufu, not willing to spend time alone.

Winter solstice Poetry (7): Winter Solstice

Zhu Shuzhen (Song Dynasty)

The yellow bell should have a good law, and the wind should be strong, while the Yin should be strong and the Yang should be strong and the Shu Qi should be strong.

The shadow of Anemone will be moved to the sun, and the plum blossom will open in the cold first.

The eight gods represent the days of harmony, and the six pipes fly with fine ashes.

There are willows on the bank, and they want to lead the spring.

Poems on the winter solstice (8): MANJIANG Red & middot; winter solstice

Fan Chengda (Song Dynasty)

The cold valley grows in spring, and the smoke of leaves and the jade tube blow the valley.

After Xinyang, it will be new year, jiyunqingmu.

Don't wrap up your mood with medicine, but add a poem axis to the festival sequence.

Smile, strong face, fashion is not infatuation, eventually not vulgar.

The day ripens sleep.

When will it be enough.

And group Yi with the community, the song of laughter belongs to.

Intending to mediate Yunlu's brewing, we will report plum blossom music from the beginning.

If you can't, you can't be too drunk for a career.

Winter solstice Poetry (9): the head of the tune

Wang zongchen (Song Dynasty)

Waiting for the yellow bell to move, blowing out the white ash.

The five clouds weigh heavily on the head, stung the ground and thunder.

Mo Daoxi's voice is wonderful and quiet. He ZhuXiong's voice is in harmony with Feng's, and the nine inch rule is initially cut.

If you want to know the heart of heaven, please learn from Yan Hui.

It's cold and warm. When you're poor, you can believe it.

It's picturesque outside Caiyun mountain. Send me the tip of the pen.

One Qi passes the customs first, and all things revolve to produce the head and corner. Whoever closes it will open it.

In the early spring on the official road, Xiao drops several plums.

Winter solstice Poetry (10): jiangchengzi and middot

(yuan) Yin Zhiping

Six Yin dissipates and one Yang grows. Hidden in the bud. Snowflakes are lighter.

In September, the river and sea were frozen.

There is no place to live in the circulation of two Qi. The number of Yang is sufficient and the Dragon rises.

In the final analysis, the spirit is bright. Over the heavenly court. Invisible.

Back to heaven, the moon rises and falls.

Win the heaven and earth, and go to pengying.