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Can saponifia rice, peach gum and pig's hoof really get younger after eating them?

When a woman is over 25 years old, she starts to go downhill. The collagen in her skin will gradually lose with age, and the skin will start to have various problems. Plastic surgery is not suitable for all women. If you want to keep young, collagen supplement is the key point. Can you really get younger after eating rice, peach gum and pig's hoof?

&#Zaojiao rice, known as "bird's nest in plant kingdom", is a kind of natural plant with rich collagen. Often eat saponifia rice skin can be white and slippery, is very nourishing, is a female friends can not miss beauty products, adults and children can eat. In addition to collagen, peach gum has better medicinal effect. It can nourish the stomach and intestines when taken orally, and has curative effect on acne, acne and color spots.

Therefore, the combination of the two is necessary for women's beauty and beauty. In terms of price, peach gum is more common than saponifian rice. Although pig's hoof is rich in collagen, it doesn't lose the first two kinds of food, but it's an indisputable fact that pig's hoof eats more meat, so we can't eat pig's hoof every day for the sake of beauty. Finally, everyone has a heart of beauty, but in order to be really young, in addition to diet therapy, we should also keep young mentality.