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How about the blister after scald? Tips for scald treatment

In life, there is always a time when people get scalded accidentally. How to deal with it after scalding? Should the blisters caused by burns be torn? There are a lot of inflammatory substances and growth factors in the blisters. Which method is more scientific? Let's see with Xiaobian.

Blisters have advantages and disadvantages. Retention of blisters can reduce pain and infection, but the inflamed material of blisters can also hinder wound healing, which is the deepening of burn. First of all, we can choose to keep the small blisters. After about a week, the small blisters will absorb by themselves. For the larger blisters, we usually choose to remove them directly. The medical staff will remove them with aseptic technology to avoid bacterial infection. Whether blisters leave scars or not is related to the depth of the burn. Generally speaking, only the burn wound healed within 14 days will not leave scars.

So how to deal with the scald of life correctly? First of all, wash with cold water to cool down, relieve the pain and prevent blistering. Do not take off the clothes of the patient directly, and eliminate the inflammation in time to avoid further infection. Do not use improper prescription, such as applying vinegar, toothpaste and other 'earthwork' on the wound, and those with severe scald should be sent to the hospital immediately for treatment. For burn patients, pay attention to avoid spicy, fatty and fishy food.