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What harm does going to toilet play mobile phone have? How does female often constipation do?

Most modern people like to play with mobile phones. Some people even like to play with mobile phones when they go to the restroom. What harm will it do to people's health if they often play with mobile phones? Let's take a look at the harm of using mobile phones in the restroom together with Xiaobian.

Playing mobile phones in the toilet is the most likely cause of hemorrhoids. People who play mobile phones will not feel that their toilet time is prolonged, which is likely to cause the rectal vein to be in a state of congestion for a long time and induce hemorrhoids. Often play mobile phone also easy to cause constipation, mobile phone will distract people's attention and lead to difficulty in excretion. Too much time to go to the toilet, easy to discharge the bacteria in the dirt will be contaminated on the skin, leading to various gynecological diseases and anorectal diseases. Keeping a posture for a long time will cause blood circulation to be blocked, resulting in numbness of legs and dizziness of head. So bow head people, try to get rid of the bad habit of going to the toilet and playing with mobile phones.

So how to regulate female constipation in daily life: remember a cup of yogurt every day to help digestion. In the morning, a glass of water on an empty stomach is used to clean up the intestines and stomach, and apples are used on an empty stomach. Generally, coarse grains are used for three meals. At the same time, the most important thing is to keep a comfortable mood in daily life. The diet should be light as much as possible, and do not eat foods that are too oily or too spicy.