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Apply toothpaste and soybean oil after scald? Correct treatment for skin scald

In life, it is inevitable to encounter scald. No matter scald caused by boiling water or other reasons, the pain caused by scald is not only obvious, but also troublesome to deal with other wounds, leaving scars and other sequelae. Let's look at the correct treatment after daily scald.

1. First of all, flush a large amount of cold water at the first time of scald to cool down, and then contract blood vessels to reduce the pain of scald. The earlier the time of cold water immersion, the better the effect, but if the scald has blistered and broken, it can not be soaked to prevent infection. 2. If the scalded part is covered with clothes, do not take off the clothes in a hurry. Only after the cold water is washed and cooled can the clothes be removed, and try to avoid the skin and clothes sticking together. 3. After soaking in cold water for 10-30 minutes, cover the scalded wound with clean gauze or towel to avoid infection. 4. If the scald is serious, it must be sent to the hospital in time after simple treatment of the wound, so as not to delay the best time for treatment.

The common method of treating scald is to apply toothpaste and soybean oil at the first time after scald. In fact, this method is unscientific. These things not only do not help the wound healing, but are prone to bacteria, allergy and other serious consequences. In the early stage of scald, we must try to avoid applying ointment. If there is blister on the scalded skin, we should not break the blister to avoid exposing the basal tissue, Cause infection. Non steroids, such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and so on, should be the first choice in the treatment of burn pain. Otherwise, it will only backfire.