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What dumplings do you eat in the winter solstice? What are the taboos in eating dumplings in winter?

Every year, there is a custom of eating dumplings in the winter solstice. There are many meanings of dumpling filling, so what filling is the best? As the saying goes, what's the best filling? Do you know what dumplings to eat in the winter solstice can replenish the air? The following small weaving will introduce some recipes about dumplings in the winter solstice, and the best dumplings are the ones for you.

What do you know about the implication behind dumpling stuffing? The most common Chinese chive stuffing means long-term wealth, while cabbage meat stuffing means 100% wealth. The mushroom, which has health preserving effect, means to drum up wealth. There are also many people like to eat pickled dumplings, which are said to have the meaning of calculating wealth. Celery stuffing means to be diligent in making money. Diligence means frequent and frequent supply, which is called diligent in making money.

So what kind of dumplings are better to eat in winter solstice? Generally, dumplings need meat and vegetable to be the healthiest. Meat stuffing should be matched with vegetables containing a lot of dietary fiber and minerals as much as possible. Here are some common recipes recommended. Carrot and mutton stuffing is suitable for the elderly with insufficient Qi and blood, weak waist and knees, frequent urination, girls with cold and dysmenorrhea and those with deficiency of spleen and stomach. Onion and beef stuffing is suitable for women with cold hands and feet in winter and people who often have small pimples on their faces. Onion can nourish the stomach and digestion, moisten the intestines and diuresis, while beef has a warm nature and nourishes the spleen and stomach, which can invigorate people's spirits.

Eating dumplings on the winter solstice can serve as seasoning and greasy relief, but it is not suitable for all people, such as people with gastric ulcer or excessive gastric acid. People who like to drink while eating dumplings must remember not to drink too much. Some people think that dumpling soup is very nutritious, but drinking soup after meals will inevitably lead to excessive diet, especially in the state of eating very full, it is not easy to drink soup again, so as to avoid aggravating the burden on the stomach and intestines.