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How to deal with neck and shoulder ache? Tips for office workers to relieve sedentary

The working dogs who often work in the office will encounter the problem of neck and shoulder pain. The pain is generally caused by the local soft tissue dysfunction. The range of neck and shoulder pain is very wide. The symptoms include neck and shoulder stiffness or pain, local muscle spasm, leading to head symptoms such as dizziness, headache, body fatigue, upper limb and arm pain and numbness.

So how to effectively relieve the neck and shoulder pain in life? First of all, we should form a good habit of life, do not sit for a long time, and after a certain period of work, we must stand up and walk. In daily life, we should actively exercise, exercise properly, and pay attention to step by step when exercising, so as to achieve perseverance. Here are some exercise methods that can effectively relieve neck and shoulder pain: 1. Neck relaxing exercise exercise, neck bending forward, neck extension backward, head bending left and right. 2. For wall climbing exercise, the patient faces the wall and crawls up the wall alternately with his index finger and middle finger, so as to raise the affected limb as high as possible, and then slowly return to the original place. 3. Pull the hand behind the body, put the patient's hands behind the back, hold the wrist of the affected limb with the healthy limb hand, and pull to the healthy side.