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What's good to eat in winter? Winter solstice diet taboo

Winter solstice is a good time for tonic, because after winter, the metabolism of human body will slow down, and all kinds of energy consumption will be relatively reduced, so that more nutrients will be converted into energy in the body, and the resistance will be better enhanced. But easy to supplement in winter doesn't mean that you can eat it at will in winter. Look at the precautions for supplement in winter with Xiaobian.

First of all, winter tonic should be mainly based on food. The temperature in winter is generally dry, and often accompanied by strong wind. Therefore, the most important thing for health preservation in winter is to nourish Yin essence. On the one hand, eat more cabbage, tremella, fungus, wolfberry and other yin tonic liquid food, on the other hand, eat less spicy, barbecue and fried food. The most important thing is to replenish the body's water. There is no harm in drinking more water. In terms of daily diet, we should give priority to warm food and eat less cold food such as cold drinks and seafood.

In winter, we must pay attention to science and avoid eating in disorder. As the first solar term in winter, the beginning of winter is the time when plants and trees wither, insects hide, and all activities tend to stop. There is a folk custom of starting winter to make up for the winter. We should pay attention to the body and methods on the day of starting winter. Each place has a slightly different way of health preservation, but generally speaking, we should eat more fresh vegetables, foods rich in vitamins and easy to digest, and less raw and cold.