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How often is bathing the best in winter? What are the taboos of bathing in winter?

Bathing in cold winter is a troublesome thing. Bathing in winter is certainly not as frequent as bathing in summer. How often is it better to take a bath in winter? What are the taboos of bathing in winter? Let's look at the correct posture and taboos of bathing in winter with Xiaobian.

Winter weather is cold, bath time should not be too long, not to wash too often, but also to control the bath water temperature not too high. Generally speaking, the bath is generally controlled at 20 minutes, shower 3 minutes to 5 minutes as a segment. Too high bath water temperature will destroy the oil on the skin surface, cause capillary expansion, aggravate skin dryness, and also easily increase the burden on the heart, easily lead to heart ischemia and hypoxia. In winter, the frequency of bathing is maintained at 1-2 times a week. Excessive frequency will cause skin dryness, water shortage and other problems, and long-term Bathing will also bring various health risks. Remember to apply moisturizing skin care products after bathing.