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How does winter female leg keep warm? What harm does often bare ankle have?

Many girls who love beauty still wear short skirts and exposed legs in cold winter. Although this kind of dressing style looks fashionable, it does great harm to women's body. They suffer from cold for a long time, which is more likely to cause women's palace cold, dysmenorrhea and other problems. From the foot, the foot is the farthest away from the human heart, and is most vulnerable to the cold evil in winter. Many people like to bare their ankles in winter. They think it's fashionable, but they are not responsible for their own body, laying the groundwork for many physical diseases.

How to keep legs warm in winter? First of all, the increase or decrease of clothes must be based on the weather. You can't wear as thin as you want. In winter, it's cold. You should wear more clothes, especially the lower limbs. Although autumn pants are not beautiful, they can keep out the cold. Compared with beauty and health, the latter is obviously more important. Secondly, on a better day, you can choose to bask in the sun, which can not only keep out the cold, but also prevent osteoporosis. Finally, soak feet in hot water at night, which can effectively promote blood circulation and play a role in health preservation. Before going to bed at night, you can also massage your feet. There are many acupoints on your feet, which can better promote blood circulation and improve cold resistance.