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How to save mobile phone in water? Tips for mobile phone in water

In life, the mobile phone accidentally drops into the water, so does it mean that the mobile phone needs to be replaced? In fact, it doesn't matter. As long as you save it timely and properly, you can save it again by pinching the mobile phone many times. Let's see how to do it.

1. No matter what kind of water the mobile phone falls into, it must be pulled out as soon as possible. The longer the mobile phone stays in the water, the less chance of recovery. If the mobile phone falls into the water when it is charged, do not rush to get it, it will be in danger of electric shock.

2. After the mobile phone is pulled out of the water, take out the SIM card first. The information in the SIM card is more valuable than the mobile phone itself. Take out other detachable parts, such as mobile phone case, memory card, etc. First dry the mobile phone with towel or paper towel, try not to shake the mobile phone in the process, and do not rush to check the damage of the mobile phone. Use a vacuum cleaner and keep a certain distance from the mobile phone. Do not use a hair dryer directly to dry the mobile phone.

3. Blow dry the mobile phone with a hair dryer. Put the mobile phone in a bag of dried raw rice overnight. The rice grains will absorb the remaining water vapor and change the mobile phone's placement status every hour. At least 24 hours later, first check whether the mobile phone is dry, and then check whether all functions of the mobile phone work normally after the power is turned on. If the mobile phone still can't work normally after the charger is plugged in, you can only take the mobile phone to the maintenance point for repair. Never dismantle the mobile phone by yourself, and give these to professionals.