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What kind of short hair is popular in 2018? What kind of short hair is good for girls

What kind of short hair is popular in 2018? What kind of short hair is good for girls short hair girls are able, free and easy, natural and unrestrained without losing to men, and women are charming and delicate. Short hair is not only easy to manage, but also can make facial features clearer and more three-dimensional. Accustomed to the long hair of women, many men and women are fond of short hair again. What kind of short hair will be popular in 2018 and the most popular short hair style? Let's introduce it now.

1. This shoulder length medium short hair is very popular. It is suitable for girls in school or girls with more art. If you don't want to cut your hair very short, this hair style is a good choice. This hair style burns the bangs and the end of the hair slightly, adding liveliness, flexibility and delicacy.

2. This Japanese medium and short hair is very suitable for thin and tall girls. The vertical hair shows that the facial features are correct, and it can more modify the face shape, and also lengthen the length of the neck, which is neat and refreshing.

3. Short hair with strong student atmosphere. This hair style is a very popular short hair style in 17 years. Many stars have cut it, which is suitable for pure, young and sweet girls, and super age reduction.

4. Medium and long hair, the favorite of women in the workplace. The ability of women in the workplace can be demonstrated by the capable middle score and neat pruning method.

5. Short and medium hair perm, air bangs, short and medium hair with internal buttons and slightly decorated Air bangs all make girls more lively and nimble. If you choose a retro sheep felt hat, it will be more elegant.