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How many do you know about the top ten Internet buzzwords in 2017?

2017 is about to pass. Recently, people's daily launched a voting campaign for the top ten online catchwords. Let's take a look at the top ten online catchwords voted by netizens together with Xiaobian.

1. Do you have freestyle?

Provenance: Wu Yifan asked the contestants in "hip hop in China", which made the Internet popular overnight. Freestyle means the impromptu rap in hpihop rap, which is a kind of casual and casual play.

2. old iron, old fellow.

Source: old iron is the meaning of good old fellow in Northeast dialect. At first, it was because netizens interacted with the host in the live broadcast, so it became popular on the Internet.

3. Poverty limits my imagination

Origin: at first, some netizens popularized the use of luxury goods and nursing methods on the Internet. Netizens joked that 'poverty limits my imagination'. This sentence is more of an unimaginable meaning of the rich people's life.

4. Won't your conscience hurt?

Origin: this sentence first became popular in Zhihu. Because some netizens have listed evidence that Du Fu wrote many poems for Li Bai all his life, but Li Bai never responded, so some netizens teased Li Bai: won't your conscience hurt?

5. Surprise or surprise?

Source: this sentence comes from a classic dialogue in Stephen Chow's early movie "happy home 1992", which was quoted by netizens and became popular on the Internet.

6. Please start your performance!

Source: in the talent show, the judges always say to the contestants: please start your performance. Therefore, this sentence was ridiculed by netizens and became popular on various social platforms. Different from the sincere attitude and tone of the judges in the program, netizens mostly mean ridicule.

7. What else?

Source: in e-sports, the operation of players or anchors makes users feel inconceivable, and netizens will laugh at each other.

8. awkward chat

Source: unable to chat and forced to chat, so that the chat record once fell to the freezing point, very embarrassing.

9. drama essence

Source: a kind of appreciation for the excellent performance of the performers. After being quoted due to the debate in the fans circle, it has a certain derogatory color. It means that someone likes to show, to be eye-catching and to show himself excessively.

10. Prawns, let's go

Source: in a game software, we go, which is often used by players. Later, it was extended as "skin shrimp, we go" by netizens and became popular on the Internet.