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What are the common house renting scams? Four steps to avoid the house renting trap

As a migrant worker, renting a house is an unavoidable topic for everyone. There are a lot of contradictions and disputes between renters and landlords, so how to rent a satisfactory house safely, and how to have a good relationship with the landlords? The following editor will check some common deceptions in the rental sector.

Common deception of renting house

1. Fake house: the most common house renting scam is that the fake landlord uses the non-existent fake house to cover the white wolf. First of all, the fake landlord and the black intermediary will publish some false house information on the rental website. When you call, either let you add wechat to continue to understand, or the other party says that the rent has been rented out and recommends other house information to you. In fact, it is just wechat marketing to get attention. In the face of this situation, when looking at the house, we must first understand the average level of the surrounding house prices, do not add wechat, do not believe photos, and try to see the house on the ground.

2. Fake landlords: on the rental website, some people pretend to be fake landlords. They obtain the landlords' houses by various means, and then publish online rent seeking advertisements that are lower than the average market price. When signing the contract, the tenant is required to pay half a year or even a year's rent at one time. After the tenant moves into the house for a period of time, the real landlord runs out to ask for the rent. In the face of this situation, it is necessary to check the identity information of the landlord and the real estate card or all kinds of certificates of the purchase contract.

3. Black agency: some people prefer to rent houses through real estate agency rather than dealing with methods directly. In the process of renting through intermediary, we must be alert to the black intermediary. Some black intermediary companies, deception may not be the same as the "godfather of black intermediary". They use the houses that have been rented for a short time in advance or are about to expire, and repeatedly rent them to several people in the same period of time, and collect the advance rent or deposit. When to move into the house and when to pay the rent to the landlord, we must know.

4. About the contract: whether it is to find a house by yourself or through an intermediary, you must sign a contract when renting. At this time, we must carefully read the terms of the contract and not fall into the trap of the rental contract. When signing the house lease contract, the terms stipulated in the contract shall be read carefully, and the rights and obligations of both parties to the lease, the length of the lease term, the amount of rent, the way of payment, how to deal with sublease and renewal of the lease, what is the liability for breach of contract, how to pay and how to pay the water, electricity, network and property fees.