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How to grab tickets during the Spring Festival? Spring Festival is hard to get tickets

in less than two months, the Spring Festival will begin at the end of next month. For migrant workers or students, you can pay attention to the latest news of train tickets in advance. Do you know how to snatch tickets? The following four seas network small edition for you to present the ticket strategy, seize the time to collect Oh! When will spring festival 2018 start?

According to the above, the Spring Festival in 2018 will start on January 31, 2018 (December 15 of the lunar calendar).

Start and end time of Spring Festival 2018:

January 31, 2018 - March 12, 2018

Extended reading: ticket grabbing strategy for Spring Festival 2018

Strategy 1: know yourself and your enemy, and pay attention to additional and temporary trains

There is a cloud in the art of war. Know yourself and know your enemy. There will be no danger in a hundred battles. The same is true for Spring Festival railway tickets. Some basic rules must be clear. In terms of ticket grabbing time, 12306 website adjusted the ticket selling time in August 2016, and the ticket selling time was advanced from 7:00 to 6:00 every day.

However, 12306 website and telephone ticket booking implement the measures of different starting time at different stations. From 8:00 to 18:00, each full point and half point has new ticket starting time. For example, the ticket time for the train departing from Beijing west station is 8:00, that for Shanghai station is 14:30, and that for Guangzhou station is 11:00.

It is also noted that a significant feature of the 2017 Spring Festival is that there are many additional trains or temporary trains. In December, almost every day, there is an announcement of additional trains during the Spring Festival. You may as well pay more attention to it. After all, an additional train will generate hundreds of more tickets, and the probability of winning tickets will naturally increase.

Users who book tickets through windows, telephones and self-service ticket machines should follow the principle of booking tickets as early as possible. This is mainly for users who purchase tickets through 12306 website and mobile app channels.

1. Try to buy only one train ticket at a time

Although the same user can purchase up to 5 train tickets at a time on 12306 website, the probability of successful purchase is different when the user purchases one or more train tickets at the same time. According to the statistics of a domestic network security company, the cost of successful purchase of a single train ticket is as high as 62.9%. Secondly, there were two votes of 26.9%, three votes of 6.35%, four votes of 2.45%, and five votes of only 1.45%. In fact, it's not hard to think that when users buy multiple train tickets at the same time, each ticket is easy to be killed by seconds in the peak period of ticket sales, so when they buy multiple tickets at the same time, the possibility of insufficient remaining tickets will increase. Instead, users can try to buy one by one, and then pay in a unified way.

2. Log in in in advance and set automatic submission

Before grabbing tickets, you need to pay attention to the release time of the railway department in advance, log in 12306 website in advance, select departure station, arrival station and ride date, click 'booking assistant' in the remaining ticket display interface, and then set passengers, ideal train number, priority seat and alternative date in the extended menu. After selecting alternative date, you can add 5 on the basis of the preferred date Alternative departure date, the website will automatically select the ticket that meets the conditions according to the date set by the user and the remaining ticket situation.

After all the tickets are set, click "auto submit" at the bottom, and then click the query key "swipe" one minute before the ticket release starts. In this way, once the ticket release has qualified train number, the system can automatically submit the order information, which can greatly improve the success rate of ticket grabbing.

3. Skip station purchase

When the railway department releases tickets, it usually follows a rule that the number of tickets allocated at the midway stations is not as large as the number of departure stations, and the more to the later stations, the less ticket quota. Then, when buying tickets for a stopped train, you can buy them from the first one or two stations, and then get on the train at this station, which can improve the success rate of buying tickets.

Another way is to query the tickets at the back station of the destination. For example, if a shift passes through station a, B and C, you can go from station a to station B, but there is no ticket for station ab. at this time, you may check the tickets from station a to station C, if there is one, buy it, and get off at station B in advance.

4. Pay attention to 15 days before driving

According to the Ministry of railways, although the tickets of many lines will be emptied soon after they are opened, there will be a refund tide 15 days before the start of the drive. This is the second wave of release tide. Users who did not get tickets at the beginning can pay close attention to the remaining ticket information of 12306 website during this period. This year, the pre-sale period of Internet, mobile phone and telephone is adjusted from 60 days to 30 days. The arrival of ticket refund may be a little closer to the departure date. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to this period of time, and it is likely to 'find treasure'.

45 minutes after a train ticket is sold, it is expected that many users will miss the payment time, resulting in the ticket source returning to the system. Therefore, at this time, they need to work by hand to refresh the website information.

In addition, there are some key time points to pay attention to. Generally speaking, some of the remaining tickets will be released from 12:00-13:00 p.m., 18:00-19:00 p.m. and 19:00-20:00 p.m. on the day before driving, as well as three days before driving. During the Spring Festival, tickets can be released again at 12:00, 13:00 and 18:00 every day.

In addition, 4 hours before driving and 2 hours before driving are also important time points for users to 'take chances'. If none of the above time points are reached, there will be another opportunity to focus on the passenger trains added by the railway department before the Spring Festival. If not & hellip; & hellip;