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Why does the hotel put four pillows? The truth is

Why does the hotel put four pillows? The truth is we usually stay in a hotel. Generally, there are four pillows on the bed, but it seems that only one pillow is used for sleeping. So what are the other three pillows for? Many people don't know. In fact, these four pillows have their functions, not superfluous.

Why does the hotel put 4 pillows

It is often said that "no pillow can be found to sleep" to explain the inability to sleep, which shows how important a pillow is to sleep. Having a good pillow can help you sleep. Good use of pillows can relieve fatigue and relax the body, thus increasing the quality of sleep.

If the pillow is too low, it is easy for people to lie on their back, and the spine can not be relaxed; if the pillow is too high, the cervical spine will bend down forcefully, and the neck will suffer from neck pain for a long time. Look at the picture below, you will know how to pillow comfortably, and why the hotel should put 4 pillows.

The function of four pillows in the hotel

One is placed under the head and neck is the real pillow; the other is placed under the leg socket to relax the body and make the leg slightly curved to present the most comfortable state; the other two pillows are placed under two arms respectively to relax the arm and help sleep. In this way, the whole body is in a relaxed state, and higher comfort helps to sleep. Now you know why the hotel puts four pillows.