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One ton of mobile phones can extract 150 grams of gold how can old mobile phones extract gold?

One ton of mobile phones can extract 150 grams of gold how can old mobile phones extract gold? have you ever used your old mobile phone to change pots and pans on the street? Many people think that the old mobile phone in your home is a waste product. What's the point of using it for? But have you ever thought about what the old mobile phone of the peddler will be used for? It was revealed on the Internet earlier that the old mobile phone actually contains gold. The peddler recycled a lot of old mobile phones to extract gold, is that true? How about the old mobile phone What about gold?

Now, recycling old mobile phones has been popular all over the country. It's comparable to collecting waste products in those days. Many people think that they can make money by throwing away waste and polluting and replacing some daily necessities. However, according to a recent survey by CCTV reporters, the old mobile phone market contains a huge gold mine. Some parts of old mobile phones contain rich gold. According to experts, one ton of old mobile phones can To extract 150 grams of gold! What's the concept? By comparison, we know that the world's best gold mine can extract about 50 grams of gold per ton of ore, and the output of gold per ton of old mobile phone is three times that of gold mine!

How to refine?

The old mobile phone is still a gold mine full of business opportunities, but many people don't understand the problem of refining. At present, the old mobile phone refining gold is lack of technical and industry guidance, many large enterprises can't recycle it at a higher cost, while the small workshop recycling is simple and crude, which brings a lot of metal pollution and other problems.

By recycling the old mobile phone, the small workshop pickles the main board of the mobile phone, melts the circuit board with fire, dissolves the metal in the water, and then analyzes the precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc., but in this process, a large number of heavy metal polluted water will be produced.

Well, the above is the process of refining gold from old mobile phones. At present, there is a lack of industry standard in dealing with old mobile phones in China. Although there is rich gold, it will cause a lot of pollution, but it still outweighs the loss. Like developed countries, there is a complete industry recovery mechanism that is the king!