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How to prevent frostbite in winter? How to protect hands and feet from frostbite?

every winter, for some people with weak constitution, it is easy to have frostbite. After frostbite, their hands and feet will swell, heat and burn, so they are very painful. In addition to strengthening physical exercise, we also need to do a good job in daily protection! Here is a summary of how to prevent frostbite on hands and feet in winter, remember to see.

First, promote blood circulation

In winter, people who like cold hands and feet can rub their hands and feet at irregular intervals between face washing and hair washing, gently rub the exposed skin until it is slightly hot, promote blood flow, and then make themselves hot in the invisible.

Second, warm protection measures

In winter, many women who love beauty will wear beautiful and moving clothes, like to show their ankles, so it is easy to bring evil wind into the body, so when going out in winter, they should wear hats and gloves as well as warm keeping measures.

Third, improve the body's immunity

People with chilblain constitution who will have chilblain in winter can increase the intake of vitamin A, vitamin C and minerals one month before winter to improve the body immunity, which is also a good way to prevent frostbite.

Fourth, exercise the ability of vasoconstriction

Take a basin of 15 ℃ water and a basin of 45 ℃ water, soak in cold water for about 5 minutes, and then soak in hot water, so as to exercise the contraction and expansion of blood vessels and reduce the probability of frostbite.