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What's the difference between snakefruit and huaniu apple? Why is snake fruit so expensive?

In the supermarket, for people who pay attention to the quality of life, they will buy snake fruit, so what's the difference between snake fruit and huaniu apple? Why does snake fruit cost several times more than ordinary apple? Today Xiaobian will come to believe and introduce the difference between snake fruit and huaniu apple to you!

The difference between snake fruit and flower Apple: shape

Although both are apple species, there are essential differences between the two shapes. The rind of huaniuguo is darker, the surface has obvious lines, and the snake fruit is relatively bright red. From the angle of the corner, it is not curved, so it can be distinguished from the shape.

2. The difference between snake fruit and flower Apple: taste

The taste of snakefruit is very sweet, and there will be a lot of juice in one bite, and the shape is very ruddy, so the nutrition inside is very rich, while the flower cow fruit is relatively crisp, the taste is fragrant and delicious, and the flesh is loose and delicate, so different apple preference groups are different, the flower cow fruit is loved by the middle-aged and old people, while the young snake fruit people are more like it.

The difference between snakefruit and Huaniu Apple: sweetness

People who like to eat sweets may be more attracted by the sweet taste of snake fruit. California, the hometown of snake fruit, was originally a sunny place, which could bring enough sugar to snake fruit. Therefore, snake fruit is more suitable for people who like to eat sweets. Huaniu apple, a variety produced in Tianshui, Gansu Province, may be more abundant in water. Some people think that the flesh of snake fruit is not enough water, and it may have flowers Cow and apple are more suitable for you.

The difference between snake fruit and flower ox Apple:

Price because most of the snake fruits are produced in the United States, most of them are imported, and the price is a little more expensive, while the buffalo fruit is produced in Gansu, so it's a kind of Apple rich in China, so it's not as expensive as the snake fruit. Generally, the unit price of apple is between 5-10 yuan / Jin, and the price of snake fruit is usually between 13-19 yuan. However, many businesses now sell it by pretending to be snake fruit, so we must see it carefully.

The difference between snakeskin and Huaniu Apple: the nutritional value of snakeskin and huaniu apple is the same. Snakeskin contains 15% carbohydrate and rich pectin, and the vitamin content is also very rich. The rich potassium content in snake fruit can also help metabolism of sodium in the body, which can reduce the risk of hypertension. But there are also rich dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other components in the flower apple. These nutrients can bring more nutrition to the body, enhance the body's immunity, so the disease resistance ability will be enhanced.

How to choose snake fruit

1. Dark red

The redder the snake fruit is, the more nutrition it absorbs, the crisper the snake fruit is. The darker the color is, the more ripe the snake fruit is. At this time, the snake fruit is delicious. The taste of the snake fruit is sweet and the flesh is crispy. The water content of the cooked snake fruit will be reduced, and it will be more powdery to eat. If you like the pink apple, you can choose the snake fruit with deeper color, but you should pay attention to it It's good to smell the snake fruit. It's not rotten. It's good if it's not overcooked.

2. Large size

The snake fruit is bigger than the common apple. We can eat it better if we eat it bigger. The big snake fruit proves that the snake fruit develops well. There are imported and domestic snake fruits. The price of domestic snake fruits will be a little cheaper and the taste will be better. Sometimes it's hard to find that domestic snake fruits are mixed with imported snake fruits. When buying, you can choose the snake fruits with brighter color and larger size.

3. Hardness

When choosing snake fruit, you can also flick it gently with your fingers. If you feel hard and make a thumping sound, it proves that the quality of snake fruit is very good. If the snake fruit becomes especially soft, it may be that it has gone bad inside, you should not choose.