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Why are Tiffany pins so expensive? Poverty limits my imagination

How much is the price of Tiffany's paper clip? Tiffany's official website has sold a paper clip for $1500. Tiffany's paper clip is no different from the one dime and several paper clips we usually see. The only difference is that the material is different. Forgive poverty and limit my imagination!

How much is the price of Tiffany's paper clip

Poverty again and again, 360 degrees, without dead ends, limits my imagination

Tiffany paper clip, equivalent to 1500 yuan... You say, do you want me to go to the stationery store to store some? Maybe the price will rise one day

Not only that, Tiffany has also launched office supplies such as straightedge, triangle ruler and protractor, which can also be converted into RMB 3700-4200! Netizens say that the paper clip is 1.5 yuan expensive, let alone 1500 yuan... I don't understand the world of the rich!!!

What is the material of Tiffany's paper clip

Made of pure silver

Berritty silver innovates Elsa & bull; berritty brings pure silver into the world's high-end jewelry industry. When Tiffany launched the pure silver jewelry, the world set off an unprecedented fashion revolution.

Which country is Tiffany's brand

Tiffany Co. is an American jewelry and silver company founded in 1837.

In 1853, Charles & Middleton Tiffany took control of the company and simplified the name of the company to Tiffany Co. since then, the company has also established the jewelry industry as its business focus. Tiffany has gradually established stores in major cities around the world. Tiffany has set a set of standards for gems and platinum, which are adopted as official standards by the US government. Today, Tiffany is one of the world's leading luxury companies. Its Tiffany blue box has become a symbol of the unique style of American washing and training.

Tiffany Co. (Tiffany), the queen of jewelry, is famous for diamonds and silver products. Founded in 1837, it is famous for its silver tableware. In 1851, it launched Silver 925 ornaments and became more famous. In 1960, the famous Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn starred in Tiffany's breakfast.

Tiffany, a symbol of American design. It has been known for nearly two centuries with the themes of love and beauty, romantic and dream. It satisfies the imagination and desire of all women in the world with the beauty full of function and the soft and delicate sensibility.