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Proud curve shows the ultimate charm breast enhancement makes your business line more perfect

Breast is the secret of female beauty. Every woman wants to have a proud chest and show her charming curve. To this end, many women through food therapy, drug breast augmentation, sports breast augmentation and other methods, want to achieve the purpose of breast augmentation, but often the effect is not ideal. In fact, if you want to seek beauty quickly and safely, it is a really effective choice to go to a regular hospital for breast augmentation.

Now, many plastic surgery hospitals have breast augmentation with autogenous fat filling. Because of its safety and non-invasive advantages, many women who want to have breast augmentation will choose this method. The original micro dynamic healthy liposuction technology is used for autodynamic breast augmentation. The extra fat in the deep layer of abdomen or thigh is extracted by layers, points and components accurately. After the full closure and aseptic fresh treatment technology, it is quickly centrifuged and purified. The multi-functional fat cells extracted from the fat cells and the growth factors extracted from the venous blood are fused according to the scientific proportion for dual activation So as to greatly increase the growth activity of adipocytes and improve the survival rate of transplantation.

Finally, the ultra pure and super active fat particles rich in multi-functional cells and growth factors are precisely injected into the chest in multi-point intersection, multi tunnel and multi plane dimensions, so as to achieve the triple effects of true chest reconstruction and slimming + shaping + skin beauty.

In fact, the complete granular fat cells of autogenous fat breast augmentation can be transplanted to the chest through precise injection, so that the fat cells can grow again and integrate with the breast tissue, which is full and tangible. In essence, the fat cells grow in a new place, which is equivalent to the second development of the breast. The breast augmentation effect is real and natural, and at the same time, it can achieve the effect of weight loss and body building, killing two birds with one stone.