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Cervical erosion hard to talk about? How to treat

In fact, many people have misunderstood the symptom of cervical erosion. They feel it is a very serious disease, but it is not like this. Cervical erosion, also known as cervical columnar epithelial ectopia, is actually columnar epithelial ectropion, which is a very common physiological phenomenon of women, the most serious is caused by cervicitis. How to treat cervical erosion? Next, I will introduce the method of treating cervical erosion for you. Let's have a look at it with friends in need.

Treatment of cervical erosion method 1: pay attention to pudendal health. In fact, many times, women's various gynaecological diseases are caused by their lack of attention to health, so we must pay more attention to their own health. You'd better clean your vagina with clean water every day. Warm water is OK. If there is a little inflammation, you can add a little salt to warm water, which can effectively kill bacteria. And change your underwear frequently, preferably every day.

Treatment of cervical erosion method 2: drug treatment. If you have serious cervical erosion, you can choose drug treatment. And for women who haven't had children or sex, the side effects are relatively small. Drugs can be divided into important treatment and Western medicine treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is mainly to treat the root cause, and the treatment time will be longer; western medicine treatment is mainly to treat the root cause, and the treatment time will be shorter than traditional Chinese medicine treatment. But whether it is traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine treatment, it needs to be used under the doctor's advice. You can't use the medicine without permission to avoid serious consequences.

The above are two ways to treat cervical erosion introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it will help the female friends who are troubled by cervical erosion. It should be noted that these two methods are not recommended during menstruation and pregnancy.