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Naming is a matter of fate. How to give children a meaningful name?

A good name for a child is related to the whole life of the child. Don't be careless. A good name may benefit a child's whole life. How can you give a good name to a child?

First of all, we should avoid the old rules and regulations. Many people always revolve their names around the five elements of yin and Yang, the eight characters of birth, and hold the books of Yi Li, eight trigrams and Xiang FA, occupying the advantages and disadvantages of eight characters. So old names like Zhao Jinbao, Zhang Youde, Chen Shuzhen and Li Laifu began to accompany them.

Some names that should be noted. Simple names, strange names, names of ancestors and sages, tongue twisters, indecent names, too fashionable names and too flattering names should be avoided. The common people only know about 3000 Chinese characters. Some people always like to use some unusual words, some words can not even be found in the dictionary. A name is a symbol of association with others. If other people don't know each other, this kind of communication will become a one-way flow, which will bring inconvenience.

Words and shapes in names. The strokes of each word in the name should be relatively equal, so as to give people a sense of stability and balance. Otherwise, it will not look beautiful, and it is uncomfortable to write. On the whole, the name should stress some 'architectural beauty'. For example, the word "Lai" is an interleaved structure.

Finally, Xiaobian would like to say that naming is a matter of life for children, but it must not be sloppy!