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How to deal with neonatal jaundice? How to give the baby quickly back jaundice?

Neonatal jaundice usually occurs on the second or third day after birth. Generally, the jaundice of newborn is mild, almost all jaundice will not bring discomfort to the baby, and will not cause harm to the baby's body, and usually disappear after 1-2 weeks. However, if the bilirubin level of the baby is too high and the baby is not treated in time, it may lead to brain injury or other serious problems.

1. If the exclusively breastfed baby has jaundice, it belongs to breast milk jaundice, which usually occurs 4-7 days after birth and may last for several weeks. Mothers need to increase the number of times of breast-feeding every day, through more feeding to promote the excretion of feces, which is conducive to faster excretion of bilirubin, that is to say, the more defecation the baby, the faster jaundice subsides.

2. If it's summer, if possible, take your baby out in the sun to avoid direct sunlight. In the shade of the tree, remember to cover your baby's eyes well and replenish water to your baby in time. (Note: there is no effect of drying through glass), which is also the best way to get rid of jaundice.

3. If the jaundice index is between 8-13mg / dl, Yinzhihuang oral liquid can be used to accelerate the excretion of choledochin. (because Yinzhihuang oral liquid has laxative effect, the baby's defecation will increase, because the bile is discharged through the element, so the color is yellow and green.)

4. If the choledochin of the baby reaches more than 15mg / dl, it is necessary to see a doctor in time and treat with blue light. Through the photochemical effect, bilirubin will become a structural metabolism that does not harm the brain.