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How to make animation with Flash software? A simple flash animation tutorial

As a vector animation software, Flash software is very easy to create moving animation characters. But for beginners, they often have no way to start. Next, Xiaobian starts from her own experience of making animation, and makes a small white level sports villain to help those who have just come into contact with animation design. I hope to use this as a reference. Next, please see the specific production method.

Open flash, click File & rarr; new, select flash file (activescript 3.0) in the open new window, and then click OK to create a blank document. Click Insert & rarr; new component. In the new component window, set the name to "moving villain", check "movie clip", and then click OK. Click File & rarr; import & rarr; import to library, and then in the open import to Library window, select the pre prepared figure walking posture pictures, select all and click open to import to the library.

In the first frame of layer 1, drag 'result0' from the library to the scene. Click the new layer button on the timeline to create layer 2, and then click Insert & rarr; key frame at frame 5 of layer 2 to drag 'result1' in the library to the scene. Using the same principle, 'result2', 'result3' and 'result4' are put into layer 3, layer 4 and layer 5 respectively, and the corresponding frames are 10, 15 and 20 respectively. Finally, adjust the duration of each layer image. At this point, the motion of the villain film editing finished.

Switch to the main scene to make the main scene active. Click the size button in the properties panel to set the size of the scene to 800 * 300, and set the background color to black. Click OK. Drag the 'moving villain' movie clip from the gallery to the outside left of the scene.

Then at frame 30 of the 'Timeline', click [insert] & rarr; [timeline] & rarr; [keyframe], insert the keyframe at frame 30, and then drag the villain from the left outside of the scene to the right outside of the scene. At this point, the entire animation is complete.

Right click between 1 and 30 frames and select 'create animation between patches'. Finally, press the keyboard combination key 'Ctrl + Enter' to test. If you feel that the movement of the villain is irregular, you can appropriately adjust the distance between frame 1 and 30 a little larger until you are satisfied. The end result is there.

What about? Have you learned how to make flash animation? If you are also interested, you may as well experience this magic software and make an animation you like!