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How to fill in and collect the college entrance examination volunteers?

The college entrance examination will fail. There is no college of the same batch to admit you. Don't worry. There is another chance to go to a similar University, which is to fill in the application form. The recruitment of volunteers means that the number of admission places of colleges and universities is not full, so it is necessary to ask for volunteers from the society again. This is the last time to fill in the batch of volunteers. You need to be careful. Here are some ways to fill in the recruitment of volunteers, which may help you.

Query the schools with vacancy: which schools have insufficient enrollment and which majors do they have for us to choose? Where does this information come from? The school and the admissions office are responsible for informing the students. Generally, the school will issue a brochure with the number of schools and majors and the number of vacancies. If the school doesn't inform you to get the information book, you can ask for it from the teacher, or you can check it on the provincial enrollment website.

Fill in the place and time of volunteer recruitment: the time depends on the time announced by the admissions office, and the general school will inform the unsuccessful candidates to fill in the volunteer recruitment in time. In a word, when the volunteer you filled in is not accepted, you should pay attention to all kinds of notices and wait for the recruitment of volunteers all the time. The place where you fill in the application form is the application form system. The website of each province is different. Those who have filled in the application form should know the website.

Selecting colleges and Universities: when selecting colleges and universities, we should consider whether we meet the minimum requirements of colleges and universities. For colleges and universities with insufficient students, we need your scores to reach the national control score line, and candidates with insufficient score line cannot fill in the application form. For colleges and universities with sufficient students, the students are withdrawn for various reasons, resulting in the vacancy. At this time, you must meet the requirements of colleges and universities The lowest score line of the admitted students. When filling in the application, the system will automatically check whether your scores meet the requirements.

The above methods of filling in and reporting for the recruitment of volunteers in time. I hope they can help you when you have to fail in the list. However, Xiaobian of course hope that you don't use this, can all be named on the gold list, through the efforts to enter their favorite university.