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Open gem trading and create future life

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are more interested in all kinds of investments, such as the gem, which is also called the second stock exchange market. It is a securities exchange market that provides financing channels and growth space for the enterprises that need financing and development, such as the start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech industrial enterprises that cannot be listed on the main board temporarily. So how can we open gem trading? You need to carry your own ID card and shareholder account card and complete four procedures.

Open gem step 1: query. It is conditional to open gem for trading. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the account transaction record is more than two years. These trading objects refer to a and B shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, excluding fund, bond, warrant and other trading varieties.

Step 2: evaluation. After the transaction records are queried, the business department will carry out an investor risk tolerance survey on the customers, often the customers fill in a questionnaire, and the business department will assess the risk tolerance of the customers, so as to ensure the safety.

Step 3: risk education. The customer needs to sign the risk disclosure statement and special statement on the site of the business department, and the business department will carry out special gem transaction risk education for the customer according to the risk tolerance assessment of the customer. For those customers with less than two years' trading experience, the business department will also arrange special personnel to explain the contents of the risk disclosure book and remind customers to carefully consider whether to apply for the gem trading.

Step 4: sign the agreement. After fully assessing the risk tolerance and transaction risk, the client signs the account opening agreement on site. For shareholders with more than two years' trading experience, their accounts will be opened in two trading days; for those with less than two years' trading experience, their gem accounts will be opened in five trading days