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The most complete summary of the harm of agate to human body in history, if you don't look at it, yo

Agate is a kind of mineral, which is often a banded block mixed with Opal and aphanitic quartz, with multi-layer color. Some are translucent and some are opaque. People often use it as an ornament or for entertainment. The color of natural agate is single, and businesses will use some artificial methods to change the color of agate. The processed agate is very beautiful and shiny. What's the harm of wearing agate for a long time? Today we will list them one by one.

General pure agate is harmless to the body. It can be placed in any part of the body to balance positive and negative energy, which plays a balance role for both men and women, and can eliminate hyperactivity and tension. Genuine agate has no harm to the body, and there is a legend that agate can avoid evil. No harm to the body only refers to those genuine agates with pure texture, which are harmful to the body after dyeing and other processing.

Among all kinds of agates, the chromic oxide dye used in green agates contains heavy metals. This kind of chromic oxide can not directly contact the body, and will cause certain irritation to the skin when it directly contacts the body. We should try our best not to buy green agate, because the powder of chromic oxide will adhere to the tiny pores. The dyed agate contains more heavy metals, and the long-term accumulation will induce carcinogenic factors and harm human health.

The dyed agate is mainly dyed with colored liquid medicine, containing highly corrosive potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, etc. The content of heavy metals such as chromium and lead in the dyed agate is relatively high. Mercury has a destructive effect on the central nervous system of human body. Chromium can cause damage to the liver, kidney and other visceral systems of the human body, and the accumulation of chromium in the human body can also cause cancer.

Of course, we should not be overly afraid, but there is a possibility of cancer, not that it will definitely cause cancer. We must choose regular stores to buy such goods, and do not buy local stores at a low price. The relative safety factor is high.