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Fatigue always pesters you to teach you some ways to relieve fatigue

Most of the office workers cry "heart tired" every day. In the long-term competitive, high-pressure and tense working state, the body is also more likely to fall into the state of fatigue. In the long run, people's spirit is easy to slack off, even the mood of not wanting to go back to work. So what should we do to relieve physical and mental fatigue? With this question, follow Xiaobian to the article to see how to relieve physical and mental fatigue.

The first way to relieve fatigue: to ensure adequate sleep. For today's fast-paced life and great work pressure, sleeping is the best way to recover physical and mental strength. If you don't know where your fatigue comes from now, start by improving your sleep quality. Physical differences also lead to different requirements for sleep time. Xiao Bian here suggests that you sleep between seven and nine hours at night.

The second way to relieve fatigue: massage acupoints. When you feel tired, you have to continue your work. Massaging Baihui acupoint can temporarily dispel your fatigue. Baihui Point is located at the intersection of the line between the midline of the head and the two ear tips, so it may not be easy for you to find it. You can draw a line from the ear tip to the top of the head at the same time with two hands, and the point that intersects at the top of the head is Baihui Point. Press and knead the acupoint with the thumb of left or right hand, then gradually reduce the strength from light to heavy, and relax the body. So repeatedly knead for about three minutes, when you feel the thumb belly produce the best feeling of swelling.

The third way to relieve fatigue: food therapy. In general, basic food and high vitamin content food have a certain role in relieving fatigue. Vitamin E is also anti-aging, other vitamins can enhance our body's resistance. At the same time, there are banana, cucumber, eggplant and other fruits and vegetables.