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How does winter lip dry split skin do? What does the lip peel eat?

In winter, for many girls' paper, because the weather is very dry, the lips are easy to dry and peel, so how to properly care for the lips in winter?

Don't step into these mistakes!

One mistake of lip dryness is that licking lips can keep moisture.

The fastest way to solve the problem is to lick, lick and lick with your tongue. However, although you can lick your lips for a while and make them moist temporarily, the digestive enzyme of saliva remains on your lips. After the water evaporates, your lips will become more dry and will not be compensated.

What is the fear of dead skin? Tear it off! Bite it off!

How to deal with the chapped and desquamated lips? These dead skins are always ugly on the lips. Then some people will tear them off with their hands, and some people will bite them off with sharp teeth. But there are sequelae, infection, bleeding and even chronic cheilitis.

Lip dry crack three, every day repeatedly smeared lipstick.

As for the problem of dry lips and peeling, after the above failures do not work, people often resort to lip gloss, after waking up and after meals, repeatedly smear them several times a day. This method is acceptable for general nursing, but it is not effective for patients with chronic cheilitis with wound, and it is easy to stimulate the split mouth.

What do you do when your lips are dry and cracked? The right way to treat is to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, replenish water and vitamins, remove the idea of licking your lips and tearing the dead skin, apply hot towels first, then remove the dead skin on your lips with soft brushes or subtract gently with scissors. Lip balm is used on lips without inflammation or inflammation, and does not smear more than 5 times a day.

Two kinds of therapeutic methods for lip dehiscence

In addition, winter climate cold and dry, may as well eat moist dry diet, from the inside and outside conditioning lip dehiscence phenomenon. Let's quickly collect the following two therapeutic recipes!

Stewed Tremella with ice sugar: it can nourish yin, moisten lung, promote body fluid and stop cough. It is commonly used in the folk to treat dry cough in autumn and winter, dry cough without phlegm, dry throat and dry mouth, tuberculosis cough with blood in the sputum, deficiency of heat and sore mouth, etc., and it has nourishing effect.

Method: ① soak the tremella in warm water for about 1 hour, then cut off the hard part for standby. ② boil the sugar in water until it dissolves. ③ add the tremella and steam in the steamer for about 1 hour.

Carrot congee: carotene in carrot can be converted into vitamin A after human body takes it. It is suitable for those with dry skin and cracked lips.

Method: ① wash and cut carrots into shreds or dices, and stir them slightly with vegetable oil. ② use japonica rice and water to cook the bottom of porridge. When the porridge is about to be cooked, add the fried carrots and cook for a while. ④ add seasoning and onion to serve.