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How do I record a video? A few easy ways to record video

In the age of Internet, we have too much information. We will often see all kinds of funny videos on the Internet. When we feel funny, we are also eager to try. So how do we record small videos? What are the ways to record small videos? What should we pay attention to when recording small videos? Do you want to know? Want to know the friends along with Xiaobian to understand it!

The first way to record video is camera recording. Using the camera to record small video is the most common way we use to record video. You may be familiar with this method. It's really very simple. We just need to turn on our mobile phone, and then click on the video or video in the mobile camera to start the small video recording. However, the recording of this kind of small video is very simple. We may need to do post-processing for our recorded video.

The second method is QQ video recording. Our QQ can also be used to help us record videos. How to use QQ to record video quickly? We need to open QQ first, then open QQ chat window, find expression bar in chat window, and we will find an icon similar to plus sign. When we open this icon, we will see a short video recording icon. If we hit this icon, we can record the short video. At this time, video recording will be performed by us.

The third method of recording video -- video recording software recording video method. We often see all kinds of small videos made by Internet celebrities on the Internet, and we will find that the small videos they make are quite exquisite. Why? They used some video production software. Some video production software can help us record small videos quickly, and also help us beautify videos!

Xiaobian has shared so many small video recording methods, have you learned? Do you have a heart attack? If you're excited, try to record a small video as soon as possible. Heart is better than action!