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Improve the quality of eggs and breed healthy babies

As an important part of fertilized egg, egg plays an important role. High quality egg is the premise of pregnant healthy baby. So how can we improve egg quality? Let's introduce Xiaobian.

The first method to improve the quality of eggs is to form good living habits and adjust diet. To improve the quality of eggs, we should first have a good habit of living, not smoking, not drinking, and ensure a reasonable diet structure. These are the most basic elements to ensure the quality of eggs. Try to quit smoking and alcohol, avoid overeating and malnutrition. In daily life, we should also eat more black beans, soy milk, boiled fish soup, etc.

The second method to improve egg quality is to avoid sexual life during menstruation. Menstrual sex can cause egg quality to decline. Menstrual sex can stimulate the body to produce antisperm antibodies, induce pelvic infection, endometriosis, etc., thus affecting egg quality.

The third way to improve egg quality is to take more exercise and avoid overwork. Proper physical exercise can help women improve their physical fitness and ensure the quality of their eggs. It is very important to take part in some physical exercises properly, such as jogging, soft gymnastics, swimming, Taijiquan, etc., which can improve the egg quality. Adjust daily life, avoid excessive fatigue, stay up late as little as possible, so as not to affect the quality of eggs. Regular work and rest is helpful for ovarian maintenance.

The fourth method to improve egg quality: adjust emotion. According to research, when the pressure is too high, the body will produce a large number of 'anxiety hormones', which will lead to endocrine disorders and affect the ovarian ovulation function. Therefore, the right amount of decompression and relaxation of tension can effectively guarantee your good 'Pregnancy'.

In addition, keep away from radiation. There may be electromagnetic radiation around the computer and mobile phone when they are running. Although their emission intensity is very weak, in order to ensure the health of the egg, the rest time should be used as little as possible.