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Download songs easily and enjoy the music world

Music is the soul of human beings, music is the sustenance of people's emotions, music is wonderful, everyone likes listening to music very much, there are many formats of songs, but how to download different formats of music, some people still don't know. So Xiaobian also shares several ways to download music. Let's take a look.

Download music method one: download MP3 music. MP3 format is also a kind of general audio format file. How to download MP3 songs? First to open Baidu, baidu home page will have a music address, click to enter Baidu music download songs. Then search for the songs you want to download and click the link to see the download button. Then you will see the format of the song, click download MP3 format of the song! Click download to save to the location you want to save. If there is no response to clicking download, you can also right-click save as. After the download is successful, you can see the MP3 song file you just downloaded in the saved location!

The second way to download music: download it to your phone. We download a music player and open it. Enter the songs you want to download in the search field. There will be a lot of searches. We can choose any one of them and click the "download" button to start downloading. Then we can see the songs we downloaded in "local management".

Download music method three: download to the U disk. First of all, plug in the U-disk. Take kugou music as an example. Generally, the songs downloaded by kugou are stored in the kugou folder of the d-disk. Click the setting option to see them. However, we cannot change the download path here, because the U disk is not a local disk, and a prompt box will pop up. There is an option to copy to the mobile device at the bottom. Click and you will see the songs stored locally. After you select the songs you want to download, the selected songs will be displayed on the right, and click below to start copying. Go back to our U disk and see that there will be another kugou folder. Open it and see the downloaded songs