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Easy to post with your fingers and say what you want

Probably many people want to publish their opinions on the Internet, but they don't know how to publish them. Posting is actually a very simple thing. Let's see the introduction of Xiaobian! Take Baidu Post Bar as an example to tell you about it.

First of all, in opening Baidu. Click on the baidu home page, and then enter the name of the post you want to go in. Select login in the upper right corner of the post bar, enter the account number and password, and then login. If you don't have a baidu account, you need to register first. Registration is relatively simple. You can use your mobile phone to receive a simple verification code. You can also log in with other social accounts, such as Weibo, QQ, etc.

Then, after entering the account number, if you are not a member of this post bar, you need to click the "I like" under the name of the post bar. After clicking, you are a member of this post bar. It will show your experience level and ranking in this post bar.

Then find the list directly above, and click the right side of the screen to post.

Finally, when you click to post a new post, you will jump to the place where you post it. New posts need to enter a title, that is, the title of the post you want to post. After writing the title, look at the list of contents below the title: pictures, videos, music, expressions, graffiti, which can be inserted when posting. Let's start with pictures, for example. How do I insert a picture? There are two kinds of pictures: local pictures and network pictures. A local picture is a picture stored in a mobile phone or computer. Just choose a local album. The picture will appear in the list of pictures you added. Click publish directly. The network picture is the picture that oneself looks for on the net, the insertion way is the same. Most of the other additions are the same, so we won't explain them one by one.

How do you think it's easy to post? Read the method that small make up says, can speak freely on the net!