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Teach you how to publish books and have your own literature.

Maybe most people have a dream of becoming a writer. The essential step to become a writer is to publish his own books, so how to publish, and what methods can be published? Let Xiaobian introduce it to you!

First, actively contact the editing method. If you're already working on something, or have already done it. Well, write the introduction, outline and partial sample. You can view editing messages online and contribute. When the publisher thinks that your work has great market value, it is easy to get the chance to publish books for free. After signing the contract with you and passing the examination of the Publishing Bureau, you will enter into the publishing operation process: editing, proofreading, design; preliminary examination, reexamination, and final examination; application number; subscription; printing, and final issuance.

Second, the law of publishing at one's own expense. If the publishing system says it is not suitable for publishing, it will provide you with the opportunity to publish at your own expense and ask if you want to. This is a way for publishers to earn money. There are many publishers that specialize in publishing at their own expense. Generally, the author can see the paper book 3-4 months after the submission. The process is simple, you pay. The publishing house publishes books for you. If your financial ability allows, and you want to publish a book, you can try it!

Third: independent printing. When you have finished your work, you can contact the printing factory by yourself. With a good manuscript, design a good layout, you can find a printing factory to print. The quantity of printing is up to you. You can file it yourself or send it to your friends. This method of publishing books is suitable for those who want to publish their own books, not very concerned about whether they can be famous. People who just want to own their own books can contact the printing house to print them.

The above is a summary of the small edition of the method of the book, we can quickly try Oh!