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Teach you how to easily overclock CPU and make rookies become masters in an instant

I believe that many new computer users may worry about how to improve the working frequency of computers without spending money in the store. Don't worry. Let's talk about how to overclock the CPU.

First of all, be fully prepared before overclocking. These preparations will make your overclocking more smoothly. You need a CPU with a good system. In addition, the choice of motherboard is also very important. A motherboard with rich BIOS adjustment, excellent workmanship and solid materials will play a multiplier effect for your overclocking success. In addition, the quality of memory will directly affect your final overclocking performance.

Secondly, there are two main ways of CPU overclocking: one is hardware setting, the other is software setting. Among them, hardware settings are commonly used, which are divided into jumper settings and BIOS settings. In the vicinity of jumpers and dip switches, some tables are often printed on the main board, which record the functions defined by the combination of jumpers and dip switches. In the off state, you can set the frequency in the table. After reboot, if the computer starts up normally and runs stably, the overclocking is successful. This is jumper overclocking, and BIOS Setup overclocking is also very simple. After starting the computer normally, press del to enter the BIOS setting interface of the motherboard, which is the most common overclocking mode at present.

Finally, after overclocking, of course, we need to test the stability of the whole system. You can use the tools of Everest software to run at full load for more than 10 minutes. If there is no crash, blue screen and other problems, it is generally successful. Don't forget the last step. It's also very important!

Well, look at these, how will you overclock? You can try it right away!