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Like playing games? Teach you how to make money in dnf

DNF is a net friend, and also a classic game in the horizontal version of the game, which is welcomed by many people. This is a free role-playing 2D game developed by Korean online games, which is distributed by Tencent game agent in China. Many people who have played DNF know that they can make money in the game, so how to make money in DNF? Next, Xiaobian will introduce how to make money in DNF. Let's have a look at it with interested friends.

DNF money making method one: brush the chart. This is the most traditional way to make money in DNF. You can get gold coins continuously by swiping the picture, especially the king picture. To get gold coins quickly, it's best to brush the king map. When drawing, it is recommended to brush by yourself, so as to get more gold coins. If you are painting pictures in the abyss party, it's better to form a team to paint pictures. There are many people with great power, so you can use all the opportunities that you can turn over the brand through customs clearance.

The second way for DNF to make money: selling things. If you sell all the equipment you don't need, you can change the cup you don't need to use into gold coins and buy the equipment you need to use. The white equipment is sold to the store, and the blue equipment is all broken down into crystals. The purple equipment is sold to other players, or put on a stall. The best way to sell things is to buy at a low price and sell at a high price, so as to make a difference in the middle.

The third way to make money in DNF is to open a sideline. If you want to make more money, you need to open a sub career, and you will make more money than before. And the higher the rank, the more money you make. But we should also pay more attention to saving money, buying raw materials and refining them into new equipment so as to make more money. There are many sub professions that can make money, such as alchemist, puppeteer, etc.

In fact, there are many ways to make money in DNF. As long as you play more, you will make money.