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How to choose your own car from so many kinds of cars?

With the annual increase of China's automobile sales, the position of China's automobile industry in the global automobile market has changed substantially. The output of transnational corporations in China accounts for more and more of the total output. China has become an important source and growth place of its profits, which will have a significant impact on the strategic decision-making mechanism of transnational corporations in China. Transnational corporations will research and develop their products In the future, it will also develop new automobile products specifically for the Chinese market. With such a good development prospect, there are more and more kinds of cars, but the novices are dazzled and don't know how to start. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to choose the right car.

Step 1: new car? Mature models? Used car? How to choose? Generally speaking, due to the lack of market experience, the latest models are likely to have some shortcomings and deficiencies. At the same time, auto dealers seize the consumers' mind of being fond of the new and tired of the old, and often exaggerate when launching new cars, which have not passed the test of practice. In fact, mature models are a good choice. Market maintenance parts are also easier to find, and parts will not be very expensive. Second hand car, if by reliable acquaintance, is also a good choice.

Step 2: brand selection is also very important. You can listen to the opinions of friends who have cars. Japanese cars are economical in fuel consumption, exquisite in workmanship and cheap in price. The engine displacement is generally small, but the power and quality are slightly poor. German cars have good quality, good power, excellent technology, high price and simple appearance. American Series car: strong power, fuel consumption, good quality, large space, high safety. Wait.

Step 3: consider the maintenance ratio of the car. Nowadays, the price of the car market fluctuates frequently, and many cars depreciate in an instant. When you buy a new car, you need to estimate the maintenance ratio first, so as to avoid the pain of losing money when you sell it in the future.